I’m a mom. I’m still trying to figure out what I am when my kids have grown and don’t need me anymore. My life is one big toybox, or one big shitbox, depending on the time of day. I’m a recovering gaming addict. I have inner battles between me and myself. Since I’m either manic, depressed, or somewhere in between, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. I know I’m on this earth to help people. Somehow, some way. This isn’t all about me, it’s about us.

Originally, it was my intent to help people find a balance between World of Warcraft, (and other games), and their life through this blog. However, it’s since evolved, as most things do. Since this blog is titled “Heal Over Time,” I thought it appropriate to post anything that helps me to heal through drawing or writing, whether game-related or not.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy my sketchnotes! If you would like to contact me about my sketchnotes and commissions, go here.

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