WoW Couples: Overcoming Obstacles

Today I’d like to share another WoW Couples story with you, this one from the lovely Veroicone. While many couples meet through online games like World of Warcraft, there are very few who have faced the hardships set before Veroicone and her significant other. This is truly an inspirational story of love overcoming tremendous obstacles and I’m so glad to be able to present it here:

I’ve been a Warcraft player for many years (since 2007) and although I enjoy the game itself (who doesn’t love taking down the bad guy or attacking other players?) I’ve always been a huge fan of the social aspect of the game. I have made many, many friends through playing this game and have many friends who have met their significant other through the game. In fact, if I never played WoW I would have never met my boyfriend.

We met almost 2 years ago through a mutual friend in the game. Long story short we ended up talking more and more. What first started as friends turned into facebook friends, exchanging cell phone numbers for texting, and followed by frequent 1 hour+ long phone calls. Eventually feelings got involved after talking for several months. Long story short again feelings were admitted and the words “boyfriend and girlfriend” were thrown into play. Shortly after this wonderful guy that I was falling for,  was diagnosed with cancer before his 23rd birthday. We had been “officially” a couple for barely a week. Throughout his treatment we always had one thing we could to together, and of course that was play video games (specifically, World of Warcraft). Whether we were pvping, leveling new toons, or running dungeons together it brought us both into this magical world where his cancer was not the first thing on our minds. In November he came to visit for a week, after he started his first set of treatment.

Fast forward to a few months after he was cleared of his cancer and moved to Florida to be with me. Some people probably think we rushed things but considering we went through something most couples do not go through until they’ve been married for 20+ years it didn’t seem too fast for us. We’re still together over a year later now and we both still play World of Warcraft together. It’s one thing that we can do together and still enjoy no matter what is going on in our lives. Living in the same house certainly makes playing the game a lot easier together though, haha. We are not stupid and know that one day his cancer will be back, and when that day comes we will still have this wonderful game to enjoy together and to escape from our “real world” troubles.

Friends will come and go both in the game and out, same with relationships of the romantic kind. But in the end you always have the wonder game to play, and whether you’re playing it with online or offline friends the social aspect of the game can be one of the best experiences someone can go through.  So it’s safe to say, World of Warcraft has had a pretty huge positive effect on my life.

Thanks 🙂 
– Veronica / Veroicone
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Thank you for sharing your story with me, Vero! I wish you and your boyfriend health, love and happiness, as well as the strength to get through the tough times ahead, and the wisdom to savor the good.

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4 Responses
  1. Veroicone says:

    Thank you for sharing our story :D!

  2. Matticus says:

    Holy geeze.

    Don’t know if there’s enough grats that can be expressed enough for the amount of awesome that went on in there between the two of you. I gotta admit, I myself am personally going to express doubts and misgivings about online/long distance relationships for me. After reading and hearing about couples such as yourselves battle through things like distance and all that stuff, I have no doubt that it’s possible.

    Surviving cancer and sticking through it together? No words at all. Hats off to you two and Peanuts for sharing such a touching story.

    (Anal blogger critic me: Last sentence has the word affect. Should be effect. ^^)

  3. Ratshag says:

    Even though we were living halfway across the country and had only known each other six months, my Julie has told me she thinks she would have given up before she made it through her cancer treatment if she hadn’t had me in her life. So I’m happy to hear that the two of you have made it through that hellishness together as well. Wishing you all the best in the future, whatever it brings.

  4. Navimie says:

    What a great story Veroicone, thanks for sharing! My hats off to your dedication and determination and your love of each other and the game 🙂

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