WoW Couples: Artemis of Alextrasza

Wrapping up my Positive WoW Stories contest, here is the Honorable Mention from Artemis! Many of us use WoW as our own personal sanctuary, but Artemis was able to truly lose herself in the game, escaping a negative home life that seemed all but hopeless.

After 4+ years of playing the game, it’s no longer about the things she broke away from, but all the wonderful things she gained.

This is Artemis’ story:

World of Warcraft has made a huge splash in my life and many of those around me. Flash back to the month that The Burning Crusade came out in stores, I was unhappily married, in a dead end job and working my ass off, and generally miserable in every other aspect of my life. I was 24 years old and I felt like absolutely nothing inspired me,.no pretty sites to see or distant lands I could afford to travel to, I spent much of my time reading or doing web design. In fact the only reason I was interested in buying the game was for my husband whom I simply just wanted more time away from, I had no idea I would be drawn in and completely addicted in a months time. 

At first I started off playing the game only to appease my spouse, I started off as a night elf alone in Teldrassil doing Dolanaar quests and dying miserable death after miserable death, talk about feeling like an even bigger fail at life, hard to believe I was a druid. Perhaps it was the peace the spirit healer as I took res sickness over and over or the soothing music, the utter illusion that I was running through the woods of an enchanted land far away from all of my life’s frustrations, regardless before I knew it I was hooked. On the bus ride to work each day I would hear the songs of Warcraft beckoning me to play, come home from work to a mean spouse and escape into a tranquil wonderland where I felt satisfaction for small progresses made, finally rewards! 

For the longest time I played alone, the way I liked it, but in a short time I made some really great friendships! There are two friendships that I would never take back, my brother whom is 10 years older than I, had it not been for this game we wouldn’t of had a relationship at all being that we lived several provinces away from each other and like completely different things in life. At first it was the texts on the bus to work that made me laugh, because he quickly became obsessed with leveling our characters together, my priest and his warrior, could it have been a better partnership between siblings? He was my meat sack and I the healer, there was little we couldn’t accomplish and the visits to the spirit healer were fewer and fewer. What can beat stress release from a bad day at work than coming home and doing bombing quests in Quel Danas? RAIDING KARAZHAN!! If it was a Friday then it was the laughs of my brother and our guild members over Ventrilo lasting long until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I had finally found something to look forward to, someone to laugh with and plot out our gearing schemes! Just when I thought it couldn’t get better I met a bold paladin tank, his tanking was to die for! 

That bold paladin tank was friendly and funny, helpful and kind. At first it started out with quests, crafting mats and someone to do the holiday quests with. Then later a confidant, a shoulder to cry on and help me make my real life dreams come true! My first marriage, the reason I started playing to begin with had taken it’s toll on me, I felt that love was impossible and nothing but a game for people to control one another, the whole thing was hopeless! Thankfully I was shown otherwise, by a paladin that would yell obscene non existent words when he got a new piece of gear, such as ‘Orgasmic’ at first he was a crack up and a beam of light that life could be different and now he is my husband. If not for World of Warcraft we would never have met and I believe that my life would have still been dismal. 

Being with my paladin tank meant moving out of the home I owned which was slowly turning into a money pit but one of few things I was proud of, leaving my job that I hated as well as the husband I couldn’t stand any longer, and my beautiful country, but I promise you that anything with making any sacrifice for is worth it! When I got off the plane and saw my paladin in person for the first time it was like we played a joke on the world and only we knew we had gotten away with it! We literally drove off into the sunset together without the discomfort of riding individual mounts. My bold paladin tank has resurrected me from real life, together we have taken down many evil dragons and we of course still play World of Warcraft together, this x-mas I surprised him with matching Alliance hoodies so we are always together even when we are apart, it will be three years this May.

Amanda (Årtëmis @ Alextrasza server)

Thanks Artemis, and thanks everyone for sharing your stories with me! It was an honor to read them.

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  1. Zethrael says:

    What a fabulous story! I, too, started as a lowly NE druid in Teldrassil playing solo [although a member of a guild], but loving every moment of it. Your story is a true inspiration for anyone lonely or alone, and happen to come upon a friend in the same situation as yourself. All the best to you, and your Pally!

  2. Artemis says:

    Awwwes,. I love that you posted our story, thank you 🙂
    FYI we are now playing Mists of Pandaria and loving it!

  3. Autumn says:

    Wow! Such a great story…. It caught my eye when I seen your name, too. I also have a character named Artemis 🙂 bit differently spelled. My server is Draka :). Thank you for such a wonderful story though, and hope your life continues to be great, and you find more adventures around the corner.

  4. Rinslette says:

    Girl! I am so glad you are doing good for yourself! Keep up the wonderful life you have built for yourself and I wish you and your “Pally Prince” (:P) many more beautiful years to come 🙂 *huggles* ~ your WoW friend forever ~ Rin 😀

  5. Arienne says:

    Your story just knocked me off my feet, because in so many ways, it is also mine. So much of it resonated with me. At 28 years, I was a little older, and my story began with WotLK, which was gifted to me by a friend. I’d always loved gaming, but never thought that an MMO would be “my thing”, since I’m a bit of a loner.

    Like you, I was married. My husband was not a bad person, he was just… distant. We grew further apart with each passing day, each of us burying ourselves in work and trying to use any excuse to avoid dealing with the chasm between us. I too embraced WoW as an escape from the harsh, ugly reality of life.

    And like you, I also found great solace in the unexpectedly awesome friendship that grew between my brother and I. We had grown apart a little since leaving home, and the strains of life had been tough on us both, but when we started playing WoW together on a whim, it quickly became the stress reliever we both needed. We were also a deadly warrior/priest combo 😀 Today, we are still the best of friends, due in part to the bond we share in the game, and we are currently both officers in a great guild.

    Then of course, there was my shammy friend… I first got to know him as one of those people in the guild who was always looking for something to do, always full of questions, always on the move, flitting from one alt to the next (though he raided mostly on his kick-ass shammy healer). I was amazed that he didn’t get exhausted! But his energy was contagious, and his friendly attitude and willingness to help others was inspiring to someone as reserved as I was. What I liked about him right from the start was how nice he was to others, how well he treated people, even when they didn’t deserve it. In the anonymous world of the internet, where it is so easy to be a jerk, he chose to be decent – not an insufferable goody-goody, but just a genuinely nice person. At first I just enjoyed grouping with him in-game, because he was fun, and he played his class like a pro, no matter which alt he was on. Later we started spending more time talking about other things, including our situations IRL. He was not married, but had some other issues that troubled him, and we became each other’s source of comfort and support.

    Long story short: he was there for me more than any of my so-called real friends during my divorce. He listened to me when I wanted to talk, and when I didn’t, we ran BG’s and dungeons one after the other, without saying a word. After the dust had settled following my divorce, we met IRL for the first time. Both of us tried to be very grown-up about it, not having any major expectations, etc.. But the truth is I was a bundle of nerves, and as excited as a teenager on a first date – something I never thought I would feel again in my life. The spark between us was instant, like it had been waiting to ignite for months. That was two years ago, and we are getting married at the end of the year 🙂

    Yes, it can happen…

  6. Artemis says:

    Arienne,. that’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing <3 I think WoW is amazing because you know you are really getting to know someone with less distraction. You get to see them under semi stressful situations,. noticed the choices they make and how they voice themselves.

    Rin-tin-tin I still <3 you too! I hope you will be playing Mists!!

    I enjoy hearing from all of you,. feel free to connect with me any time! I am on real ID. Although I am quiet on WoW right now I think I will be playing a lot more once Mists comes out.

    Otherwise add me on Facebook.

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