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I’m A Closet Blogger

I’m a closet blogger.

Aside from D, only my brother and one other friend know I have this blog, and that’s only because they used to play with me heavily. But aside from that, none of my friends or family knows about it. I don’t share any of my posts on my personal Facebook page. And while I do keep an active Twitter account, I don’t expect anyone I see face to face on a regular basis to read it. Even then, I only tweet about my blog because my Twitter followers (I <3 you, btw) play WoW or SWTOR on a regular basis. more…

No BlizzCon? Let’s Throw Our Own Damn Party!

Yesterday’s top news: BlizzCon is cancelled this year. While continuing to lurk on Twitter, I observed a convo between @DruidMain and @BraveTank about having regional Blizzcons to give everyone an opportunity to attend.


May I One Day Be Creative Enough To Post Daily!

I recently received a gracious gift from a fellow WoW blogger: a WordFind puzzle from @NavimieDruid of The Daily Frostwolf. Her blog recently celebrated its 2nd birthday and as a Thank You to everyone who commented on her Happy Birthday post, Navi made a poem, puzzle or picture about them. I wanted to post it here for everyone else to enjoy. Thanks again, Navi! more…

Changing Directions

Last week, I had vocalized my desire to share my story about how World of Warcraft came into my life, (and why I couldn’t get it out of my life), on Twitter. A couple of my new Twitter friends voiced words of encouragement, so I told them I would write about it. I didn’t personally know these people, but I felt some sort of obligation to tell my story, yet again. I’ve told my story before, even on stage and in front of groups of people, but not quite in this way. I’ve always left the World of Warcraft part out.

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