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Winning Contest Entry: Karegina

Today’s post comes from Karegina, the tied second place winner of my Positive WoW Stories contest. Like me and many others, Karegina was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and forced to endure the rollercoaster ride of daily highs and lows; a safe haven while manic and a productive environment to pass the time while depressed.

And it’s even meant more than just therapy. It’s opened up doors and shed a whole new light on relationships she once thought lost.

This is Karegina’s story: more…

Winning Contest Entry: Morti of Lothar

Second place in my Positive WoW Stories contest actually came down to a tie! Today’s entry comes from Morti, who came into the game kicking and screaming after being concerned it would consume too much of her time. A pretty valid fear for someone with as much on her plate as Morti, but she discovered a way to balance WoW around a full-time job and grad school while learning firsthand just how loving and supportive a virtual family could be. more…

Winning Contest Entry: Zerena Hoofs

Sometimes you can get so caught up in remembering the negative that you forget to even mention the positive. We do that with World of Warcraft, too. You’ve seen my blog posts on how excessive gaming (and a whole slew of other problems, I definitely can’t stress that enough!) buried me so deep in the hole I’d dug for myself that I thought I’d never get out.

If World of Warcraft wasn’t an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, however, I wouldn’t keep playing it, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be blogging about it!

So a few weeks ago I asked you guys to share your positive WoW stories with me. Specifically, stories that answered the question: “How has WoW affected your life in a positive way?” The responses I received were amazing. While each story brought me a smile and a renewed hope in the positive energy of the gaming community, one left me with that “feel-good” warm fuzziness from start to finish. more…

Contest: LF Real Life WoW Stories

Submit your personal World of Warcraft story for a chance to win EITHER a $50 Amazon Gift Card OR a $50 iTunes Gift Card!

This contest was designed to encourage you to share your Real Life WoW story and to provide an outlet for those who don’t have their own blog or other platform.

The grand prize will be awarded to one person who submits the best entry as determined by yours truly, Lilpeanut. I’ll be looking for stories that are most authentic, inspiring, and/or entertaining. The winning story will also be published on my blog. However, even if you don’t win I’d still like to publish your non-winning entry. more…

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