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Heal Over Time is a place where people can share their personal World of Warcraft story with a positive outcome. Heal Over Time is also a place where people can share their personal story about grief and how they overcame it. I want to foster a positive community here. So if you want to bash World of Warcraft and how it’s ruined your life, this is not the place to do so.

Writing and Submission Guidelines:

  1. Provide honest, personal, and original work. There is no need to add false information for the purpose of being dramatic. Some posts may cover similar ideas and stories, (and that’s totally fine), but if you share your own story with your own words, it becomes special and unique.
  2. If possible, offer practical tips or information to help readers with similar challenges. Being vulnerable and admitting your struggles are very powerful things, and it’s even more powerful if you can show readers how to come out of a similar situation.
  3. Share your story anonymously, by using a pen name, or by using your real name. I respect your privacy and am fine with whichever you are most comfortable with.
  4. Please reserve self-promotion, if any, to a short bio at the end, (as opposed to marketing your website or service directly into the post. Tsk tsk that’s just tacky!) Note that I will only be publishing stories that I think serve the purpose of my blog.
  5. Keep your post @700 words including your story, your bio, any commentary, or “where you are now” paragraph. If you need to go over 800 words, I will have to split your story into two posts or more. Online readers tend to have ADD. Sadly if it’s too long, some people won’t read it. Write in whatever font type, size, and spacing you wish. Bold any parts for emphasis.
  6. Send your story in .doc or .docx format as an attachment in an email to lilpeanut (at) healovertimeblog (dot) com. Please include “My Story” and your name/alias in the subject line.

Your story may be edited for grammar, however, I will not publish your story without your final look-over and approval. I will most likely inject my own comment into the blog post regarding your story or topic.

Thank you for the light you share in this world. I appreciate you!

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