No BlizzCon? Let’s Throw Our Own Damn Party!

Yesterday’s top news: BlizzCon is cancelled this year. While continuing to lurk on Twitter, I observed a convo between @DruidMain and @BraveTank about having regional Blizzcons to give everyone an opportunity to attend.

I had an a-ha moment and tweeted:

The handful of responses I received got my mind racing. Originally I was going to reply, “Need to find someone influential to plan the event. Don’t look at me! *Hides*” I seriously considered that tweet for a moment and DELETED it.

I also saw that @HayFayFay had tweeted earlier:

It was obvious that people had the same idea in mind. I thought to myself, “Why aren’t you stepping up to do this?” Well, for a couple reasons. Answer #1: Who am I? I’m new to the blogging community. Noone would come to my party. Answer #2: Do you know how much TIME this is going to consume?

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I’d been involved in planning fundraisers, motivational talks and jiujitsu tournaments in the past. But this is a different beast. Pre-planning ideas and internal conversions took place within my brain throughout the day:

“Where? San Diego makes sense. It’s close and WARM. Who? How much? What’s on the agenda? Will need an event planner. What Prizes? Will need to recruit volunteers. How can I do this anonymously? Should I have someone else be the face for this event and I’d simply work in the background? That’s stupid. Don’t be embarrassed to show yourself. I don’t really play any other Blizzard games, so it would be strictly a WoW party of some sort. We can rent out a ball room of a hotel, allowing attendees the convenience of staying at the hotel. There will be costumes. And drinking. Lots of drinking. 1,000 people? Partner with influential people in the WoW community to sponsor or help plan the event? Have tables available to rent?”

But I never thought: “What if I fail?” If I’m going to commit to this, it’s going to happen. In one way or another. So, I’d like to get your feedback on the event to see if it’s even anything I should pursue. Some questions I have for you are:

  1. Would you attend?
  2. Where would you like this event to be held?
  3. Who in the WoW community would you like to see up on stage?
  4. What exhibits or events do you want to see?
  5. What length of time would you want this event?
  6. Do you have a similar idea? Perhaps we can combine two parties into one?
  7. Do you want to get involved in the planning and execution? If so, what are some of your unique abilities?

Please feel free to leave a comment, shoot me an email, or click here to take an anonymous survey.

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5 Responses
  1. tshaddz says:

    I would do my best to attend and help in anyway possible. If it was somewhere on the east coast like NYC I would be able to plan and help A LOT more and also am familiar with many places that would be a good venue. comic con is here in October we should take it over and turn it in to a WoW convention LOL. I would imagine weekends would work best for everyone regarding time and could probably get a good turn out in the summer. In regards to events and exhibits that could be hard to pull off without sponsorship and any drinking must be monitored to make sure all of are proper age. If this would work and be a big event i think we would have to have a big draw to get people to show up. Swifty comes to mind and so does Trade Chat both on east coast as well. I would even be willing to pay Swifty’s Airfare to the City if I could organize something here (starts writing letter to his PO Box)

  2. Bravetank says:

    Sounds really exciting. I’m in the UK but even I on reading your post started thinking how hard would it really be for me to get over there for something like this. Never been to San Diego (or anywhere in the US!) What about Scott Johnson & the Instance people – maybe I could travel over with Turpster!

    • Lilpeanut says:

      So far the consensus has been that most people would rather see a smaller event/ get-together. Totally down with that! (And less work on my part. 🙂 It would be cool if we had regional parties on a specific date. That way people wouldn’t have to travel too far, and it would give everyone an opportunity to attend.

      @Tshaddz- If location is a concern, you might want to hook up with @Githur or @Ceraphus about hooking up in the east coast… I’m not sure how serious they are about their part-eey, but I did see something in my twitter feed about its. (Would sincerely miss you if we end up having one over here though).

  3. […] do instead? Me, I'm probably going to a winery in Arizona, but those over at Apple Cider Mage and Heal Over Time have some ideas of their own… lets throw our own party! Variant Avatar offers suggestions for […]

  4. Shiftea says:

    All of these sound like good ideas to me. I will have a piece on this in my weekly Vlog this week. I live in the central US, but would be willing to travel to either coast to attend and would be more than willing to help organize any way I can. Maybe a group of us can get together on a Skype call sometime to brain storm details??? Let me know what you think. ~Shiftea

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