My Unspectacular Sixth Meme Submission

If you’ve kept up with the WoW blogosphere at all over the past few days I’m sure you’ve noticed the madness that Gnomeaggedon started on his post titled “Sixth…” As much as I was hoping I’d be able to linger out here in my little corner of obscurity, I was recently tagged by Kaelynn from Shades of Kae and apparently also tagged two days ago by Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns, a fact I only realized thanks to Navimie’s hot mess of a flowchart.

So I figured I’d bite the bullet and participate. Just in case you’re not familiar, the rules are as follows:

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

The WoW screenshot folder on my new(er) PC is nearly empty and doesn’t even have 6 images let alone 6 subfolders, so I busted out the old HP laptop (the one that used to overheat so bad I’d have to shove it in the freezer for 60 seconds) and found my 6th image.

It isn’t pretty or magical by any means, but it is the 6th, so here goes:

This image is dated January 2, 2010, and as soon as I opened it I had two immediate thoughts:

1. What the hell was I doing? and…
2. OH MY GOD my UI!

To answer the first, it looks like Sahsha was level 80 at the time and inside Trial of the Champion at the Argent Tournament Grounds. Apparently I wanted to run Pit of Saron, since I was window-shopping Scourgelord Tyrannus’ loot list. I have no idea why I would have taken a screenshot of this. Or what I’m doing wearing a PvP cloak. Maybe that’s why I snapped the shot: To remind myself I needed an upgrade ASAP.

And to address the second… my UI doesn’t look anything like that anymore, so please don’t blast me for it! I know it’s hideous and shameful!

It’s funny how such a simple screenshot gives you a nice stroll down memory lane, though. I suppose that’s the whole point of this meme. For me, it brings back memories of some peak WoW playtimes (at least compared to the last couple of years!) when my son was 3 months old and sleeping A LOT.

I was in a guild called Da Willage People that consisted of only 5 people, all of whom were related. Except Nozz, but he was pretty much an honorary member of the family anyway. Between the 5 of us we had a ton of alts, so we’d put together different group combos depending on who needed what, rolling our mains through dungeons and then rolling our alts through those same dungeons.

Oh, the days of Heroic ToC. That fucking place made me sweat for a solid 3 hours one afternoon. Between the jousting, the poison (the priest’s arch nemesis!), the fears and the heart-attack inducing damage spikes, it was pretty much a back-to-back wipe fest.

And yet to this day, ToC is still one of my favorite instances. Go figure.

Thanks for the memories, Gnomeaggedon! And despite my valiant attempts to duck out of this one, I want to thank Kaelynn and Euphyley for tagging me. Now to tag some victims of my own…
Toriah the Mom of Mommy Jenkins!!
Dev of Magely Machinations
Matticus of World of Matticus
LorekeeperGlaci of Chill of the Grave
Thyanel of Pen and Shield

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13 Responses
  1. Aidrana says:

    I got tagged by Fannon so I did this too except I did a few images 😀

    I was also at a loss what to write for some of my pictures but I agree with you it was fun taking a stroll down the memory lane 😀

  2. Navimie says:

    I’m glad somebody finally tagged poor Matticus! And I don’t know about hot flowchart… Aidrana would agree it’s a total eyesore, I’m sure!

  3. Euphyley says:

    Haha, sorry about the secret ninja style tag. I thought I had tagged everyone on twitter but my mind was obviously elsewhere that day. =P

  4. Annuin says:

    I don’t think your UI is all that bad really. I used to mod the hell out of mine, back when Blizz didn’t let you move things around as much, scale down the sizes, or add as many bars. The downside of course was that all of the add-ons could do a bit of a number on your performance. Nowadays things are more flexible, and I find myself having more of the stock UI. I do hide the portrait/party/raid frames, as I like to use Grid (priest-holy) and Grid’s very minimal real estate is much more pleasing to me.

    /also part of a WoW couple, lol.

    • Lilpeanut says:

      Thanks for your comment! Back when this was taken, I did all healing manually and didn’t raid at all. So I didn’t find it necessary to have a bunch of mods and such. Fast forward to 2 years later… I’m PvPing a SHITLOAD, (learning how to use Vuhdo from Healbot). I’d like to do some research and find some kickass mods to make me more of an effective healer. What I really need… is a Disc Priest mentor 🙂

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