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I browsed a number of websites which contained World of Warcraft leveling guides, (7 pages of google results), and found that most websites offer a few tips but are ultimately promoting an affiliate leveling guide that they want you to buy. I threw out results which included “Zygor,” “Dugi,” and “James Horde/Alliance,” among others which are obviously trying to make money off you. These are leveling guides that you have to pay for. I also omitted results from before 2011. The following sites had some useful tips for beginners.

Tarou’s Leveling Tips
While this guide is somewhat old, (only provides advice to level 80), however it is pretty high-level and the tips still apply. What I do like about Tarou’s site are the narrated videos, for those that don’t like to read and might learn better by sight and sound. Some of Tarou’s leveling tips are listed here:

1. Repair, restock food/mana, and sell junk every time you come back to town.
2. Get gathering professions.
3. Follow the quest path. Don’t level where the quests are green/grey.
4. Collect all quests and set hearth at the nearest inn to eliminate your travel time.
5. Never turn in quests one by one. Always complete as much as you can in one area, and turn in quests all at once.
6. Get bigger bags when you can.
7. Make an alt (alternate character), as a bank toon. This allows you to mail your items to sell to your bank toon).
8. See a trainer every 4-6 levels.
9. Pick talents that will help you level.
10. Gain experience pvping. If you need a break in the monotony, hit the H key and q for a battleground here and there.

Gotwarcraft Leveling Tips
This site promotes an unofficial WoW class-specific guide. I haven’t read it and so can’t endorse it. It costs $30. I listed this site because, although it is clearly there to promote a guide that you have to pay for, it still offers some really good leveling tips for beginners. In addition, the tips are class-specific. They have updated each class guide for Cataclysm. The guides for each class are not consistent. For example the Rogue leveling guide might go into detail on a particular talent build, while the priest leveling guide does not. Here’s an example of some leveling tips for Priests:

1. The goal is to spend more time actually leveling and less time on other things. If you have to run back and forth from the vendor to buy supplies and dump stuff then you’re wasting time. Taking breaks to do fun stuff (duels, hanging with friends, etc. is cool, but doesn’t help you level faster. But, since the game is supposed to be fun…)
2. Set up a bank alt and mail all of your sellable stuff to that character.
3. Buy the biggest bags you can afford, even from level 1.
4. Buy plenty of any supplies you might need, spell reagents, etc.
5. Learn cooking to gain access to the buffing foods, or buy them off the AH.
6. Questing is much more efficient than grinding for gaining XP, if you group similar quests together so you can do more than one at the same time.
7. Always log out at an inn, to get the rest XP when you log back in.
8. Leveling with a competent buddy will make things go faster. Less XP per kill, but faster kills and less downtime will more than make up for it.
9. Instances are great if you can get a good group, but not if you have to spend all day looking for that group. WoW’s new Dungeon Finder is a big help here and you’ll want to make sure you grab all the dungeon quests, as well.
10. At level 30, if you can afford it (a brutal 10g,) buy the dual talent capability and make your second build a healing build, which will put you in much higher demand for groups.
11. If you’re not mana efficient look into using a wand.
12. Beware of fear spells. Mobs will run and bring back friends. You will learn all about this soon.
13. Use your hearthstone often.
14. Only buy gear upgrades if it’s a major upgrade. It’s a waste of time and gold to buy new gear ever level, you won’t see much benefit from the small upgrades. Instances have great gear and that gear is free.
15. Likewise, don’t repair your gear all the time. Wait till it gets really low, then do it. If you just happen to be near a repair station, then go for it.
16. Skip crafting, unless you enjoy it, since it takes a lot of time and gold.
17. Skip gathering, unless you need the cash or you’re feeding a profession.
18. Heck, depending on how you’re feeling at the moment, skip looting! (Heresy, I know.)


In conclusion: A World of Warcraft Leveling Guide can be somewhat helpful, but most don’t actually provide any information that you couldn’t find out for yourself with a little online research. I wouldn’t suggest buying a leveling guide, unless you absolutely need to be told what to do. If you’re trying to save time by using a guide, it takes the fun out of it and would probably take you longer because you’d have to refer to your guide often. My advice is to keep questing. It can be daunting, but anyone who has leveled quite a few characters to level 85 can tell you to just keep at it. If questing is getting boring, then queue up for a dungeon or a battleground. You don’t need to spend time and gold at the auction house trying to upgrade your gear. In just a few levels it will be replaced anyway. Blizzard makes it so easy for people to level now. Once you pick up all the quests in an area, hit M (map), and it tells you exactly where to go and which route to take. The map even tells you where to pick quests up. Back in my day, it wasn’t that easy. Quest items didn’t glitter on the floor so that you could easily find them. We weren’t given flight paths automatically. We had to run everywhere. We had to actually run to a dungeon as opposed to queuing for it! If you get stuck on a quest, you can ask your question in general chat, (/1), and hopefully you won’t get a smart-ass comment in return and someone will actually offer some help. Or you could simply look up a quest on google,, or

Happy questing!

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