Fledgling Guardian Cub now for sale at Blizzard Pet Store

Now for sale at the Blizzard Pet Store: the fledgling Guardian Cub! I’m not a pet collector myself, (I’ve had the Haunted Memento in my bag for years and quite content with it coming and going as it pleases), but unlike any other pets that you buy at Blizzard’s store, the Guardian Cub is tradable. Not only can you give it to another character in the game, but you can also sell it in the Auction House. Have we just found a way to legally convert dollars to gold? Yes, but Blizzard actually intended it that way.

Most of the gold that is illegally sold to players in-game for real cash is obtained from hacked accounts. These gold sellers hack into player’s accounts, steal gold from all bags, banks, and guild banks, (they even take the shirts off characters’ backs, leaving them totally naked), then turn around and sell that gold to another player for cash.

And while Blizzard makes every attempt to protect us from this happening and obviously this tiny pet won’t solve the gold-selling problem, having the Guardian Cub as a tradable pet was Blizzard’s way of allowing players to exchange money for gold and not lead to accounts being compromised.

More of Blizzard’s thoughts on the Guardian Cub here, along with their FAQ’s.

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