Contest: LF Real Life WoW Stories

Submit your personal World of Warcraft story for a chance to win EITHER a $50 Amazon Gift Card OR a $50 iTunes Gift Card!

This contest was designed to encourage you to share your Real Life WoW story and to provide an outlet for those who don’t have their own blog or other platform.

The grand prize will be awarded to one person who submits the best entry as determined by yours truly, Lilpeanut. I’ll be looking for stories that are most authentic, inspiring, and/or entertaining. The winning story will also be published on my blog. However, even if you don’t win I’d still like to publish your non-winning entry.

Submitting your story anonymously or with a pen name is allowed. Since judging isn’t based on writing ability, you don’t have to be a writer. Hell, you can even be a sucky writer. I’ll work with you to clean your story up a bit so that it’s publish-worthy. Don’t worry, I won’t change your story so that it’s no longer your own, (that’s the last thing I want to do). In fact, the final draft won’t be published until it gets your approval. I want to give everyone an opportunity to share what’s burning inside of them without being restricted or held back by any obstacles.

In order to gain entry into the blog contest, you must abide by the following writing and submission guidelines:

  1. Your article must answer the question: “How has World of Warcraft affected your life in a positive way?”
  2. Provide honest, personal and original work.
  3. If possible, offer practical tips to help readers with similar challenges. Being vulnerable and admitting your struggles are very powerful things, and it’s even more powerful if you can show your readers how to come out of a similar situation.
  4. Keep your post @900 words or less if possible.
  5. Submit your story via email, (or attached in an email in .doc or .docx format) to: lilpeanut(at)

The contest starts right… NOW!

The last day to submit an article to be qualified for the contest is Friday, February 3, 2012.

This contest is open to everyone, including bloggers and vloggers.

The winner will be announced on Monday, February 6, 2012 via Twitter, so make sure you’re following me @itslilpeanut.

Prize to be delivered electronically.

An alternate winner will be selected if the original winner doesn’t respond within 3 days.

I’m looking forward to reading your wonderful stories! Ready… set… GO!

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