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WoW Couples: Artemis of Alextrasza

Wrapping up my Positive WoW Stories contest, here is the Honorable Mention from Artemis! Many of us use WoW as our own personal sanctuary, but Artemis was able to truly lose herself in the game, escaping a negative home life that seemed all but hopeless.

After 4+ years of playing the game, it’s no longer about the things she broke away from, but all the wonderful things she gained.

This is Artemis’ story:

World of Warcraft has made a huge splash in my life and many of those around me. Flash back to the month that The Burning Crusade came out in stores, I was unhappily married, in a dead end job and working my ass off, and generally miserable in every other aspect of my life. I was 24 years old and I felt like absolutely nothing inspired me,.no pretty sites to see or distant lands I could afford to travel to, I spent much of my time reading or doing web design. In fact the only reason I was interested in buying the game was for my husband whom I simply just wanted more time away from, I had no idea I would be drawn in and completely addicted in a months time. 

WoW Couples: Overcoming Obstacles

Today I’d like to share another WoW Couples story with you, this one from the lovely Veroicone. While many couples meet through online games like World of Warcraft, there are very few who have faced the hardships set before Veroicone and her significant other. This is truly an inspirational story of love overcoming tremendous obstacles and I’m so glad to be able to present it here:

I’ve been a Warcraft player for many years (since 2007) and although I enjoy the game itself (who doesn’t love taking down the bad guy or attacking other players?) I’ve always been a huge fan of the social aspect of the game. I have made many, many friends through playing this game and have many friends who have met their significant other through the game. In fact, if I never played WoW I would have never met my boyfriend.

Winning Contest Entry: Karegina

Today’s post comes from Karegina, the tied second place winner of my Positive WoW Stories contest. Like me and many others, Karegina was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and forced to endure the rollercoaster ride of daily highs and lows; a safe haven while manic and a productive environment to pass the time while depressed.

And it’s even meant more than just therapy. It’s opened up doors and shed a whole new light on relationships she once thought lost.

This is Karegina’s story: more…

Winning Contest Entry: Morti of Lothar

Second place in my Positive WoW Stories contest actually came down to a tie! Today’s entry comes from Morti, who came into the game kicking and screaming after being concerned it would consume too much of her time. A pretty valid fear for someone with as much on her plate as Morti, but she discovered a way to balance WoW around a full-time job and grad school while learning firsthand just how loving and supportive a virtual family could be. more…

Winning Contest Entry: Zerena Hoofs

Sometimes you can get so caught up in remembering the negative that you forget to even mention the positive. We do that with World of Warcraft, too. You’ve seen my blog posts on how excessive gaming (and a whole slew of other problems, I definitely can’t stress that enough!) buried me so deep in the hole I’d dug for myself that I thought I’d never get out.

If World of Warcraft wasn’t an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, however, I wouldn’t keep playing it, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be blogging about it!

So a few weeks ago I asked you guys to share your positive WoW stories with me. Specifically, stories that answered the question: “How has WoW affected your life in a positive way?” The responses I received were amazing. While each story brought me a smile and a renewed hope in the positive energy of the gaming community, one left me with that “feel-good” warm fuzziness from start to finish. more…

Why Do You Game?

I’m super excited to welcome a guest to the blog for this week’s post. The following was submitted by Tshaddz, a fellow WoW-loving PvPer, on his thoughts about gaming and why it is that he games.

“Why do you game?” This is a question I am asked far too many times by friends, family and significant others, usually with a negative connotation. More often than not, I answer them with a simple: “Because it’s fun and my hobby.”

Is that really the answer though? Is there an underlying reason that I don’t bother to explain because I’m hiding from the truth? Or maybe I don’t bother explaining because I know they still won’t get it?

Before I jump in to answer why I game and why online gaming has become so popular, let me tell a little about myself. I am a 29-year-old man with an amazing girlfriend with whom I live, an ex-wife, a beautiful daughter and great career. All fairly normal things for someone my age, but that’s only part of my life. more…

WoW Couples: Out of the Game and Into Real Life

Each and every day in the World of Warcraft there are millions of gamers participating in one crazy and intense online experience. The social aspect is central to the game, encouraging families, friends, and complete strangers to get together in one big melting pot of questing, raiding, and PvP.

With so many people spending so much time working toward common goals, it’s only natural that relationships would form. Casual, serious, and even sometimes deceptive, these relationships can be as powerful as those in Real Life. Some even blossom into something real and lasting, creating what’s come to be known as a “WoW Couple.” more…

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