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Sketchnotes: Resto Shaman Healing vs Warlocks / WoW PvP Arena

My sketchnotes on Craze’s Skill-Capped video:

sketchnotes resto shaman healing vs warlocks wow pvp arena

Original video here.

Disc Priest PvP Illustrated Notes #3

Disc Priest Arena Sketchnotes #3

Disc Priest PvP Illustrated Notes #2

Disc Priest Arena Notes 2 disc priest pvp

Disc Priest PvP Illustrated Notes

Disc Priest Arena 2v2 Visual Note

Tips for noobs!

Be The Change

As we get older, we often find ourselves become more jaded and more cynical. After a few bumps, scratches and wounds, the walls go up. But the beauty of children is their overwhelming desire to simply love.

My son Tristan, who prays for sick children in the hospital, admonishes me when I pass by a homeless person on the street and don’t give him/her money, and doesn’t let me raise my voice is an example of this unfettered love and optimism. He instituted the use of a “charity” envelope at home to raise money for charity. He said “If anyone yells in this house, you have to pay $1. And all the money will go to charity.”

I have always encouraged Tristan to give back. He doesn’t get new toys unless he donates the old ones to a child in need. I have always tried to instill in him to be grateful for all that he has, and to know that he is blessed because there are many children out there who don’t have anything.

But the funny thing is, Tristan has always wanted to give back whether I encouraged him to or not. Tristan is 8 now and he is just as full of love now as he ever was. I hope that as he grows older, he will take the lessons he learned at a young age so it becomes a way of life for him and not just something he thinks about once in a while when he sees a tragedy on TV or passes a homeless person on the street.

Tristan has truly inspired me to become a better person through his selflessness and love for others. One of my favorite quotes is from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in this world.” And Tristan does that, every day.

Here is my sketch of this quote:

"Be the change you want to see in this world." -Gandhi

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Doodling And My Ability To Draw Stick Figures Got Me Featured In A Book!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably haven’t heard me shut up about sketchnotes. Essentially they are a method of note-taking in which you draw images or diagrams rather than just write pure text. Sketchnotes are perfect for visual thinkers and have really become popular over the past few years.

I got into sketchnotes just this past year. It was a way for me to retain the information I watched on video game tutorials. It was also a creative way for me to share my notes with my arena partners in a way that wouldn’t bore them to death. I’ve never been much of an artist (think stick figures) and had never considered my sketchnotes to be art. Little did I know that I had some hidden talent! I received such positive feedback about my sketchnotes that it fueled me to continue to do more. In addition to the video game tutorials I started with, I began summarizing chapters of books and motivational talks.

Soon after, I was asked to do infographics and other hand-drawn designs. Who’d of thought I’d ever get paid to draw stick figures? Being an entrepreneur, naturally I turned this into a business and called it In A Nutshell Studio. So far it’s been keeping me busy! And I have some even more exciting news!

If you’ve heard of sketchnotes before you may be familiar with Mike Rohde. He is one particular Sketchnoter that I often look to for inspiration. He’s considered a pioneer and even coined the term “Sketchnotes.” Mike is the illustrator of the New York Times bestseller, REWORK by 37signals, The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau and The Little Book of Talent by New York Times bestselling author Daniel Coyle.

I was aware that Mike Rohde was in the process of creating a complete guide to sketchnotes titled The Sketchnote Handbook: The Illustrated Guide To Visual Note Taking back in September. Naturally I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I randomly decided to send him a tweet to see how it was going. I didn’t think much of it and certainly wasn’t expecting a response.

Within seconds Mike had personally messaged me with outstanding news! He actually wanted to use one of my pieces in his upcoming book! I was beyond excited. I was completely elated and in disbelief. I mean, the Father of Sketchnotes actually recognized my work and wants to do what?!

Now fast-forward to today. My copy of the book finally arrived! *does happy dance* My husband and I are featured in Chapter 5, (below, right side), where Mike talks about the Modular styles. I can’t even begin to express what an honor it is to be among talented sketchnoters!

This fully illustrated handbook guides a newbie through the entire sketchnoting process so that they can do sketchnotes themselves. Mike stresses that, like me, you don’t have to be a great artist to do sketchnotes. The points are supplemented with fun illustrations and then summarized in a Recap section at the end of each chapter. The book also features pieces from other sketchnoters, so you can see different styles and methods.

You can learn more about the book and buy it here. Mike Rohde has been generous enough to offer 35% off anything (print, PDF, DVD). Use this code: SKETCHNOTE It’s good through the end of the year (12/31).

Alternatively, you can purchase the book on Amazon here.

There’s a video edition too!

I wanted to thank my readers and clients for being my personal cheerleaders. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that I’d ever put my ability to weed through information and capture the most important points to good use!

Illustration: My Sketchnotes on Shadow Priest Talents & Glyphs

My sketchnotes on a Skill Capped video by Craze: Shadow Priest Talents & Glyphs.

My sketchnotes on Skill Capped: Shadow Priest Talents & Glyphs

The original Skill Capped video can be found here. You’d have to be a member of Skill Capped to view it.

Illustration: My Sketchnotes of Your Brain On Video Games

My sketchnotes on Daphne Bavelier’s TED Talk: Your Brain On Video Games.

Your Brain On Video Games

The original TED Talk Video:

Illustration: Support Your Local Brewery

So I just finished my latest hand drawn typography piece… another Tshirt for Brews Up. Brews Up aims to promote craft beer and local breweries. What better way to promote local breweries than to squeeze all San Diego breweries and pubs, (members of the San Diego Brewers Guild), into the letters “SD”?

Support your local brewery.

I would have loved to spread the names out into the word “San Diego” but there weren’t enough breweries. The letter S alone took me over 10 hours to complete. The D, well, I worked on it over a span of a few days so I’m not sure in total how long it took me.

If you’re an SD local (hell, even if you aren’t), you can help promote local breweries and purchase the shirt here.

Twitter Comic: Duckface

I sketched out a Twitter conversation between @MadynnMads, @essentiallyjay, (even @happycho chiming in too), and myself. Here’s some of the conversation done comic-style. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge

If you want to see the entire conversation, visit my feed from August 22, 2012.

Illustration: Horde Insignia

Horde insignia. Feel free to use!

Tag Cloud Typography

Today I’d like to share with you my latest tag cloud typography. I’ve done a number of these for fellow bloggers in order to refine my skills. I’m open to constructive criticism so I can improve.

I Have Touched The Sky Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud of I Have Touched The Sky. Inspired by Enkeling.


Psynister's Notebook Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud of Psynister’s Notebook.


Inquisitor's Roadhouse Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud of Inquisitor’s Roadhouse.

These are all done in ink on marker paper.

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Sketch Notes: Bad To Glad #1: The 4 Stages of Knowledge

Bad To Glad 4 Stages of Knowledge sketchnotes

Original Video:

Sketch Notes: Game Awareness & Positive Mindset

These notes are on Zelyx’s Skill Capped video, Game Awareness & Positive Mindset, told from a Disc Priest point of view for Arena. I applied these notes in our matches last night by calling out that I had my teammates when someone was at less than 50%. “I got you after I break out of this stun.” I also glanced at our enemies’ frames more often, specifically their trinket timers. It sounds miniscule but training my eyes to glance there is a pretty big milestone for me. Acting as the team’s cheerleader… did that too! “Go go go, you got this!” as I lay there dead, watching the rest of the match. Some we won and some we lost, but staying positive through it all sure does make it more fun.

Game awareness positive mindset sketchnotes


And here’s another set of Sketch Notes done on Zelyx’s other video on Skill Capped, “Effective Life Grips, Inner Focus & Armor Usage.”

Effective life grips inner focus armour usage disc priest sketch notes

Skill Capped Video by Ashman: “Shadow – How To Do Damage”

Shadow How To Do Damage Sketch Notes

Sketch Notes: Disc Priest PvP Tips & Tricks

Disc priest pvp tips and tricks

Done on regular drawing paper using Pilot Precise V5 Pen, Crayola colored pencils, and Sharpie Accent Highlighter. You can watch the original video here:

How To Play Priest Warrior in 2v2 Arena

Priest Warrior overview sketch notes

Original video:

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