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D3: The Devil Is In The Details

WoW has been pretty quiet lately. I’ve been totally immersed in Diablo 3, along with my friend Dan Spidell. He’s been enjoying the game and came across a few things that inspired the writing bug. Since so many of you snagged the Annual Pass for WoW, I told Dan I’d post his thoughts on my blog.

Note: I will endeavor to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. I’ll be talking about game mechanics primarily (and my impressions of same), and when I do have to mention something about the story, I’ll be as oblique as possible.

So. The wait is over. Diablo 3 is here.

Now what?

This article isn’t designed to be a review per se. My plan is to talk about the good and bad of Blizzard’s newest juggernaut and hopefully get a feel for how it’s going to do long term. What did they do right? Where did they miss the mark? And how will all of this affect the longevity of one of the most-anticipated games of all time? more…

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About Me

D and I thought it made sense to draw our stories on the About Us page instead of using lengthy text for our Knowledge Distillery site. Here’s my portion:

about me

Done on marker paper with various-sized Microns and Sharpies. Used Tombow for the grey.

Tag Cloud Typography

Today I’d like to share with you my latest tag cloud typography. I’ve done a number of these for fellow bloggers in order to refine my skills. I’m open to constructive criticism so I can improve.

I Have Touched The Sky Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud of I Have Touched The Sky. Inspired by Enkeling.


Psynister's Notebook Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud of Psynister’s Notebook.


Inquisitor's Roadhouse Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud of Inquisitor’s Roadhouse.

These are all done in ink on marker paper.

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Sahsha’s Journal Entries: My Favorite Spot (Where No One Can See Me)

I lost my journal.

I don’t understand. I had it in my pack. Maybe it got mishandled while I was transferring bags through the bank yesterday. I know we’ve accepted Goblins as part of the Horde now, but I really don’t trust the grubby-handed little cretins. I’m not saying one of them took it, but who really knows. It seems like I somehow end up with less in my bags each time I retrieve them from the bank. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them ‘confiscating’ some of my items to cover their ‘overhead’ costs.

I don’t know what they’d want with a beat up old tome, though. Its only value is to me. It’s the only thing I have from my father: A chronicle of adventures he likely never expected his daughter to see. I only started writing in it five years ago. Before that I guess I was too afraid I might damage the memory somehow, but it seemed a shame to let all the blank pages go to waste.

WoW Couples: Artemis of Alextrasza

Wrapping up my Positive WoW Stories contest, here is the Honorable Mention from Artemis! Many of us use WoW as our own personal sanctuary, but Artemis was able to truly lose herself in the game, escaping a negative home life that seemed all but hopeless.

After 4+ years of playing the game, it’s no longer about the things she broke away from, but all the wonderful things she gained.

This is Artemis’ story:

World of Warcraft has made a huge splash in my life and many of those around me. Flash back to the month that The Burning Crusade came out in stores, I was unhappily married, in a dead end job and working my ass off, and generally miserable in every other aspect of my life. I was 24 years old and I felt like absolutely nothing inspired me,.no pretty sites to see or distant lands I could afford to travel to, I spent much of my time reading or doing web design. In fact the only reason I was interested in buying the game was for my husband whom I simply just wanted more time away from, I had no idea I would be drawn in and completely addicted in a months time. 

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