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Letting Go: Conquering My WoW Addiction Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a series. Click here for Part 1).

Outside of the game, my husband and I were sleeping in separate beds. Divorce became the next logical step, instead of something we never thought we’d consider. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was painful to be with my son. Every time I looked at him, I just felt empty, reminded of the fact that he used to have a sister. I couldn’t take him to the park because the three of us had gone to the park, together. The sight of other young children was like a knife twisted in my chest. I couldn’t even walk by a Starbucks without remembering her asking, “Mommy, want coffee?”

This is what grief does. It carves a hole inside of you; a treacherous cavern that you know will cave in with just the slightest touch. But I didn’t want to face grief. I thought I could outpace it, and even if I was just one step ahead, it would be okay.

Letting Go: Conquering My WoW Addiction Part 1

I never imagined I would need an escape from my day to day life.

At the age of 30 I was married, successful in my career, and mother to two beautiful children. But that year, my world came crashing down. My daughter – just two years old – was forced to fight a devastating bone marrow disorder called Aplastic Anemia. Her bone marrow was unable to produce new blood cells. My husband and I were left helpless and we agonized as our baby girl fought for her life.

Changing Directions

Last week, I had vocalized my desire to share my story about how World of Warcraft came into my life, (and why I couldn’t get it out of my life), on Twitter. A couple of my new Twitter friends voiced words of encouragement, so I told them I would write about it. I didn’t personally know these people, but I felt some sort of obligation to tell my story, yet again. I’ve told my story before, even on stage and in front of groups of people, but not quite in this way. I’ve always left the World of Warcraft part out.

Where To Download World of Warcraft

To download World of Warcraft and start playing, you can get to Blizzard straight from here:

Free World of Warcraft (Trial Version, up to level 20)

Full Game Client Install the entire game for Windows & Mac

Website Recommendations for Leveling Guides

I browsed a number of websites which contained World of Warcraft leveling guides, (7 pages of google results), and found that most websites offer a few tips but are ultimately promoting an affiliate leveling guide that they want you to buy. I threw out results which included “Zygor,” “Dugi,” and “James Horde/Alliance,” among others which are obviously trying to make money off you. These are leveling guides that you have to pay for. I also omitted results from before 2011. The following sites had some useful tips for beginners.

Fledgling Guardian Cub now for sale at Blizzard Pet Store

Now for sale at the Blizzard Pet Store: the fledgling Guardian Cub! I’m not a pet collector myself, (I’ve had the Haunted Memento in my bag for years and quite content with it coming and going as it pleases), but unlike any other pets that you buy at Blizzard’s store, the Guardian Cub is tradable. Not only can you give it to another character in the game, but you can also sell it in the Auction House. Have we just found a way to legally convert dollars to gold? Yes, but Blizzard actually intended it that way.

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